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2児の母。英日翻訳&執筆。ヨガ好き。ベトナム語勉強中。ベトナム ハノイでの駐妻生活など。

新しい命と切迫流産 / New Life and Threatened Miscarriage


I am going to be a mother of a new baby! I and my husband were thrilled. But such happy days did not last long. I was hospitalized for threatened miscarriage in June for twice; first time for 5 days, then for another 3 days after staying home for 3 days.



During the first hospitalization, I managed to keep positive thoughts; "I wanted to see the rooms anyway. This is a good practice for the upcoming delivery." "I must have been really tired. This stay in hospital gives me a good rest.". But for the second time, I couldn't just stop crying thinking about my 2-year old son and his sad face.



And now, my conditions are stable, but I have made a decision to completely stop my freelance translation work. Not being able to do the work I love is hard. I feel like I have a hole in my heart. But the most important thing in my life now is this new life living inside me. I've got protect this precious life. And the challenge I take on now is delivering a baby in a foreign country. With ample preparation and wisdom of Yoga, I am going to succeed in this, indeed!

先月,切迫流産で入院したVinmecの朝御飯。メニューは色々選べるけど,日本食は美味しいとはいえず,,,ベト食がまあまあでした。それより張り止め点滴の副作用で胃の調子が悪くなり,食べられなかった。次にお世話になるのは出産時でありますよーに!!#ハノイ生活 #海外出産予定